Autoresponders, Which Autoresponder Is Right For Your Business?

An autoresponder is a software program that automatically sends a prewritten reply to anyone who uses your autoresponder address. It works 24/7 everyday of the year.

When you start an online business and your business begins to grow, you may find that using an autoresponder is essential.

Most successful online marketers look for ways to save time with multiple marketing tasks. Like thank you letters, newsletters, information on a product, orders, training courses, etc.

To save countless hours with these tasks, they will use an autoresponder to effectively handle all of their email campaigns.

There are several types of autoresponders one can use for their business. Choosing the right autoresponder depends on your current need and the type of email campaigns you will be implementing.


Paid Autoresponder Services:

Using this type of autoresponder is done through the Internet with a web-based company, which host your mail list on their server. You simply upload your prewritten mailings and choose the days you want them sent out. It is simple to set up and for the most part, they are considered very reliable.

There is a monthly fee, but you will find more features using this type of service than you will with some other autoresponders.

You will want to look for a web-based autoresponder that has the features to fit your business needs. Here are a few features to look for:

Unlimited Autoresonders: Lets you create as many mailing campaigns as you want.

List Management: You want an autoresponder that captures the name and email address and stores the contact information for you.

Unlimited Follow Up: A good autoresponder will have unlimited follow-ups you can use for your mailing list.

Tracking Features: Lets you know which mailing campaign gets the best response.

Unlimited Message Length: No limits on the length of your mailings.

Time/Date Features: To be able to set specific days for a multi promotion series/messages that you want sent to your mailing list.

Broadcast: Enables you to send out a message instantly to your entire mail list.

Personalize: This feature allows you to set your autoresponder to put your recipients name in the body of your email, as well as in the subject line.

Customer Support: Provides ongoing support by phone, email or fax.

Unsubscribe Management: This feature will automatically unsubscribe your viewer if they decide to be taken off your mail list.


Free Autoresponders Services:

Free autoresponder services work similar to a paid service but have fewer features. It’s important to understand that most of these services will place their advertisements in your messages.

Even though some companies may limit how many advertisements are used in your mailings, you may want to consider how professional your messages are going look.

Also consider that some free autoresponder services are sending your replies with 3rd party advertisements as well.

If you feel that this type of service would fit your business needs, look for companies that limit the amount of ads and do not allow 3rd party advertisements. You can go to any major search engine to perform a search for one that may work for you.


Web Host Autoresponders:

If you are using a paid web host for your website, you will most likely find that they offer you a free autoresponder.

A web host autoresponder has limited features, as they only provide the basic autoresponder function of sending one reply to a message sent.

There are no follow-up messages that can be sent and you do not have the option to capture the list of names that replied to your autoresponder.

This is not to say that there are no benefits with this type of mailing program. You can use it for people who request information, a copy of an article, thank you messages, etc.

If you have a mailing that only needs to go out once without a follow-up, than using a web host autoresponder may work for you.

Check with your current web host to see what options they offer. If it doesn’t fit the business needs you have, move on to an autoresponder that will.


Software Autoresponders:

This form of an autoresponder is a software that you purchase and install on your computer.

The software will give you more flexibility than a web host autoresponder, but you need to understand its advantages and disadvantages.

Set up is basically easy and there are no monthly fees to pay.

With this software you will have many options to make your business work on autopilot. From unlimited follow up replies, time/date delay features, capturing the list of names that replied to your autoresponder and building a client database.

The drawbacks in using this type of software are; you need to be connected to the Internet for it to work. If one were to send an email to your autoresponder address and you were not online, they would not receive your autoresponder message until you were connected. One solution to this problem is having a T1, DSL or Cable line and leaving your system on.

Understand that it would be up to you to maintain your list of addresses and back up your files on a regular basis.


CGI Script Autoresponders:

CGI script autoresponders can be extremely reliable and effective providing you have total understanding of a few basic principles of installing one.

This type of autoresponder is installed on your web host server (rather than on your own computer) and you need to know the ins and outs of installing the script.

Before you buy a CGI Script, check to see that your current web host server meets the requirements that are needed to run the software. This step is a must or you can be wasting your time and money.

Another possible drawback to using this type of autoresponder is going to be the reliability of your current web host server. Do they have little to no down time? If your web host server is down, so is your autoresponder.

Some of the advantages of in using a CGI script is there are no monthly fees and you don’t have to worry about maintaining and backing up files. Your web host server will take care of this task along with your website files.

Most scripts have added features you can implement to save you time. List management, date/time delay, unlimited follow-ups, text recognition and many more.


by – John Kovacs
Copyright 2003-2005

John Kovacs is the CEO and founder of “A Home Business O

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Using Banner Advertising To Promote Your Website

Since 1994, when banner advertising first appeared on the internet, there has been a considerable increase in its use in online marketing. Anyone who is serious about online advertising should learn more about using banner advertising as an integral part of their website marketing plan.

A web banner advertising campaign will display an advertisement thousands of times to targeted visitors of other websites and is an effective form of website promotion. Banner advertising is a great way to promote a website and is a form of advertising that exposes an internet advertising banner in a prominent location on relevant websites.

Online banner advertising is an excellent way to promote brand awareness, increase visitor traffic and generate sales

Web banner advertising is an excellent way to promote brand awareness, increase visitor traffic and generate sales. It is the equivalent of newspaper or magazine advertising in the online world. Banners are often animated to capture the attention of the visitor, and can display a variety of images and information including a company logo. An internet advertising banner can be linked to a specific page of a website that is relevant to the products or services being advertised, this will enable a visitor to click through to a web page and immediately view further information and purchase the products or services.

Animated banners are a great way to catch the eye of potential customers

The success of an internet advertising banner depends on how effectively it is designed and the creativity used in the banner. The objective is to create a design that grabs the attention of visitors. This can be achieved by using a good combination of colors, some form of animation and a catchy strap line. Animated banners are a great way to catch the eye of potential customers. Flash banners in particular can have very rich animated content with a very small file size.

The success of the banner design can be measured by the number of visitors that click through to the target web page. Normally an internet advertising banner that offers some sort of incentive to the visitor will achieve a higher click through rate.

Banner sizes are measured in pixels and many different sizes and shapes can be used

Banner sizes are measured in pixels, the most popular banner size is 468×60. However there are many different sizes and shapes available and an effective online banner advertising campaign should contain a mix of these. Skyscrapers in particular can be very effective as they are displayed down the side of a web page and therefore stay in view for longer as the user scrolls down the page. An ideal mix of sizes for a campaign would be as follows:

Banners (468×60)

Leaderboards (728×90)

Skyscrapers (120×600)

Rectangles (300×250)

Campaigns can be purchased on either a CPM basis (cost per thousand impressions) or on a CPC basis (cost per click)

Costs for banner advertising campaigns vary widely, according to the required targeting options, the size of banners used and the volume of inventory purchased. Web banner advertising campaigns can be purchased on either a CPM basis (cost per thousand impressions) or on a CPC basis (cost per click).

Purchasing a banner advertising campaign on a cost per click basis is the most sensible option for a company that has no previous experience of this type of advertising. This will enable a fixed budget to be agreed for a guaranteed number of clicks and the publishing network take the risk of displaying the banner (impressions) as many times as required to ensure the agreed number of clicks are achieved. However if a company has previous experience of this type of advertising and has achieved a high click through rate for previous campaigns, then it may be more cost effective to purchase the inventory on a CPM basis.

There are many different publishing networks to choose from and each network offers varying levels of geographic, demographic and behavioral targeting

Online banner advertising campaigns can be set up to target specific countries, regions such as Europe or even Worldwide. Demographic targeting options are also available to fit the target audience for specific products or services. There are many different publishing networks to choose from and each network offers varying levels of geographic, demographic and behavioral targeting.

Web banner advertising is highly measurable and reports can be generated to track the number of impressions served, click through rates and sales conversion rates. Reliable campaign statistics can provide a wide range of information that can be used to improve the response rate for future internet advertising banner campaigns.

As a form of website promotion, online banner advertising is cost

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